Senior Home Care Services 

Residential Assisted Living 

Licensed by the Dept of Social  Services Lic #315002194 

*Information is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for details. Care Home By RNs is NOT a skilled nursing facility.

*Care Home By RNs is a service mark registered with the California secretary of state trademark/service mark business division under the Model State Trademark Law, California Business and Professions Code sections 14200 et seq. All rights reserved.

Although not required by state licensing, on-call Nurses with Medical oversight support caregivers.

Board and care for Seniors in Lincoln, Roseville,  and the Bay Area. Nurses on call for challenging care needs such as dementia, diabetes, injections, ostomies, catheters, wound care, hospice, and others.

Although not required by state licensing, on-call Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) help support safe and high-quality care for our Seniors. In the board and care home, senior care is delivered by a team of caregivers trained by healthcare professionals.   

More focus on personalized and individualized needs with more attention to details. Medical oversight provided by a medical house call provider through Senior Care Clinic Medical House Calls Services (ask us for more details). ( 

Our goal is to help reduce readmission to ER or hospital.


Lincoln Residences Care Home By RNs

1408 Alder Creek Court, Lincoln, CA      

(Lic# 315002194)

Tiffany Circle Care Home By RNs             

1419 Tiffany Circle, Roseville, CA                      

(Lic# 317004927)

LinRes653 Care Home By RNs                   

653 Commercial Ave., S. San Francisco, CA 

(Lic# 415600822)

Aspen Meadows Care Home By RNs           

531 Aspen Meadows Way, Lincoln, CA

(Lic# 317005413)                                             

Residential assisted living and Senior home care services through a​ network of residential elderly care homes that care for our Seniors. Formally known as residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs), otherwise known as board and care homes or residential assisted living facilities (ALFs), founded by Registered Nurses (RNs) since 2006. Long term care assisted living in a more intimate and personalized home setting.   

Care Home By RNs model of care was featured in the Sacramento Business Journal.

Medical oversight and on-call nurses assist with challenging health conditions such as dementia, diabetes, injections, ostomies, catheters, oxygen use, wound care, hospice care, etc. (as allowed by Title 22).

Lic 315002194/315002334


(916) 408-7199 ext 102

Founded by Nurses since 2006

Our goal is to help prevent unnecessary trips to the ER/hospital.